We take a great deal of care in how we assess cards prior to listing them for sale. See below for an example of each condition.

We're using pictures of the back of the cards as it's easier to highlight any issues. 


Looks un-played and fresh out of a booster pack.
While we do allow for some mildly roughly cut corners (white spots) from the factory, our mint cards truly are mint. There will be no defects/white spots around the edges, and absolutely no scratches or marks on the card. 


NM - Mint

One or two extremely minor imperfections.
What this means is that whilst the card is pretty much mint, there may be a couple of extremely small white dots around the edges of the card, visible mostly from the rear. 

Near Mint

Minor Imperfections on very close inspection.
There may be a few more imperfections on a near mint card. Several white spots around the edges but nothing to indicate the card has been played with.


Some imperfections on the card, just about noticeable.
Cards graded excellent may have a few more white spots around the edges than near mint. It also allows for some minor flaws visible at a glance, such as mild scratching. 


Noticeable imperfections but no creasing/pealing/tearing.
Cards graded good will have plenty of mild edge whitening marks. It also allows for some flaws visible at a glance, such as mild to moderate scratching/wear. There will be no damage in the form of creases/tears etc.  

Light Played

Noticeable imperfections, rough edges, creases and clearly played.
This doesn't mean creases are guaranteed, just that we allow for creases in the light played category. It also means that an otherwise mint card with a crease across it will automatically be marked down and priced as a light played card.
Light played cards will show signs of use. Rough edges and marks/dinks/scratches. 


Heavy scratches, creases, peeling
Our played category covers everything from moderate play to damaged. You'll typically see description notes stating any damage that isn't clearly visible in the product photographs. The prices will always reflect the poor condition of the card.