Which Pokemon Cards Are Worth the Money?


Pokemon is one of the most influential franchises of all time; it has managed to break free from its home country and reach every person on the globe. The Pokemon franchise as a whole is valued at a whopping $93 Billion!

One man’s simple idea of collecting monsters and pitting them against one another has surpassed every other entertainment franchise. The Pokemon main series games and the Pokemon TCG are some of the biggest reasons for this explosive growth.

Even if you know nothing about Pokemon, there’s a good chance that you’ve heard about the franchise sometime in your life. The Pokemon TCG makes headlines almost every month nowadays because of the high prices collectors demand.

But are these TCG cards really worth the money? Let’s find out!

Why collect TCG cards?

Before we jump into the value of these cards you first need to understand why people collect these cards, because if the community as a whole doesn’t appreciate a particular card, then the card has no value at all. Don't underestimate the power of community, for it is community demand which sets a card's price point.

The Pokemon TCG started decades ago, and the players were flocking to buy new booster packs every day. The cards include some basic and some rare cards. As with all things collectible, a second-hand market emerged where people sold these rare cards for higher prices. The higher the demand, the higher the price, and vice-versa.

Why do Pokemon cards hold their value?

The Pokemon TCG has been going strong for a long time now, and has shown no signs of stopping. Hence, the player and collector base is always there to buy new cards. The collectors especially are willing to pay a hefty amount to acquire the cards they desire.

If you need any more proof of the cards holding their value, look no further than the Charizard from the Base Set. The card is decades old and still remains one of the most expensive cards in the Pokemon TCG.

So which Pokemon cards are worth the investment in 2021?

Modern Pokemon TCG cards are a bit different from their older counterparts. The most significant difference is their supply, in that these modern sets are printed based on demand, so the values for these cards are typically lower.

That being said, certain cards still sell for hundreds of thousands of pounds. It all depends upon the illustration on the card, the hype surrounding it, and the supply, most importantly.

How to find valuable Pokemon cards

You have to look at the TCG as a real hobby; only then will you appreciate the value of these cards. To find a card that can potentially increase in value is very easy. As we mentioned earlier, some factors govern the prices. If your card picks ticks all the boxes, the card will surely be worth a lot.

Some examples of the cards which hold a hefty price point from the sword and shield era are as follows -

  1. Moltres V
  2. Urshifu Vmax
  3. Rayquaza Vmax
  4. Charizard Vmax
  5. Umbreon V
  6. Sylveon Vmax
  7. Rayquaza V
  8. Umbreon Vmax
  9. Pikachu Vmax
  10. Rayquaza Vmax

Stay connected with the Pokemon communities via forums and Facebook, and you'll quickly see which cards have the highest demand!

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