Are Pokemon Cards a good investment?

Pokemon TCG cards have been at the forefront of everything collectible this year; the hype surrounding these simple trading cards is just surreal, to say the least. At the time of the release of the original Pokemon TCG base set, no one would’ve thought that the TCG would become such a colossal industry.

Famous personalities like Logic and Logan Paul have been making headlines because of the first edition Charizard cards they own. Logan Paul wore his card to the famous match-up between Floyd Mayweather and himself.

The prices of first edition cards are currently really high, so the question that bugs every fan is that are these cards really a good investment, and is it too late to jump on the TCG train? This article will answer all of that and more!

Why collect Pokemon cards?

If you’re in it for the money, you will have a tough time booking some significant profits in the TCG. Pokemon cards were never meant to be coveted collectibles; in fact, the modern Pokemon cards are printed based on demand, so you can always see reprints of some rare cards.

The reason why the prices spike is that not a lot of cards are in circulation. Collectors buy cards to keep them, not book a profit off them. If you’re genuinely interested in the Pokemon TCG as a hobby, then you should by all means collect them. Selling them for a profit is a choice you can make any time you want.

Pokemon TCG historical returns

As mentioned earlier, the Pokemon TCG cards are printed based on the market demand; this means you will be able to buy cards if there’s a demand, which there is right now.

If we look at the prices of sealed products and rare cards from 5-6 years ago, the prices have increased significantly. But there also are products which are not worth a lot. Booking good returns totally depends upon the product you hold and the potential future value.

Pokemon TCG in 2021

2021 has been an excellent year for the Pokemon franchise as a whole. It is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Hence, we also got a 25th-anniversary particular set with lots of reprints of older cards and the metal version of some.

Final verdict

The Pokemon TCG is full of beautiful illustrations; many collect the cards just so they can display them. The price of the cards does not bother them. If you’re interested in the TCG, you should start collecting right away.

But if you’re in it for the investments, don’t expect to flip a £2 card for £2000 in a month or 2. As we mentioned earlier, most of the products will take time to increase in value as they are collectibles. Even though the first edition of Charizard is selling for £75k+, not many owners are selling their cards off.

The profits will totally depend upon the future scarcity of the card, so the best way to book a profit will be to hold the cards long into the future.

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